So… what is the Genie Magazine and what are we here to do?

Well, as our slogan implies, we’re here to help you take on the world and SUCCEED in the areas of:

  1. Physical health and fitness
  2. Intimate relationship
  3. Career and entrepreneurship

We aim to do that through the usual creation and sharing of articles, videos, inspiration and information, but also through bringing you REAL-LIFE examples of girls who are actually out there and achieving amazing things in their day-to-day lives.

That doesn’t mean they’re perfect! It just means that they’re setting an example in their chosen field.

Through sharing their stories, we’re hoping to not only inspire and motivate you, but to actually help you to create REAL change and progress in your own life.

So get ready to let your hair down (or whatever metaphor works for you) and come join us on a unique and exciting ride.


Adrian Kwan
Editor – Genie Magazine